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The Presbyterian Church of Wyoming  is certified as an “Earth Care Congregation” by PC(USA)’s Presbyterian Hunger Program for 2024. Started in 2010, the Earth Care program inspires congregations to care for God’s earth in a holistic way by integrating earth care into all aspects of church life.

Churches must be re-certified as Earth Care Congregations at the beginning of each year based on new earth care actions in worship, education, outreach, and facilities. PCW’s Earth Care Team hopes the congregation will be inspired to become even better stewards of creation through our ministry and life together.

Take Action!

There are lots of ways you can be part of our Earth Care initiatives, both at PCW and at home!

At PCW.  you can take action by:


HUB Recycling Days

Every six weeks, we have a collection for Cincy Recycling & Reuse Hub here at the church. 

Composting & Recycling 
at the church

Recycling & composting at church: Help us with our recycling & composting efforts by putting all recycling & compostable materials (food waste, napkins, compostable cups and plates) in our

bins located around the building.

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