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We value all the generations who make PCW a vibrant place of worship and ministry.  We are striving to make the Sunday worship experience something that will help the entire family grow in faith. It’s our vision that together we will all learn to be disciples of Jesus who share God’s love with others. We have a variety of fun events throughout the year for families and children. See the program weekly announcements and our Facebook page for more details about upcoming events and ways to join in!



Children in preschool through 4th grade participate in the first part of the worship service with their families. They are invited to the front for a Children’s Moment which is a brief message told through story and prayer.  After the Children’s Moment, children can return to their seats to stay with their parents or can go with our faith formation team members to our Godly Play room for an opportunity to hear a story about God and explore how their stories are related to God’s story. (for more info on Godly Play click here)

Middle School and High School Youth are invited to stay and participate in worship or share their gifts as part of the Godly Play Team. If you have a youth who is interested in volunteering with our younger children, please contact Lisa Kaufer so she can get them plugged in. Age specific faith formation for youth occurs on Sunday evenings at 7:00 p.m.


Youth in grades 5-8 meets most weeks from 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. in the MIddle School Youth Room on the lower level. We occasionally schedule special outings and mission events, and we don't typically meet during long weekends and holiday breaks. Spending time with God, spending time with friends, making new friends, and having fun together -- this is the great JOY of what Youth Group is all about. It’s about relationships with God and one another. It’s about being part of a community rooted in faith. To receive the current schedule and sign up for Youth Group reminders, contact



High School Youth Group (Grades 9-12) at PCW meets every Sunday night during the school year from 7pm - 8:30pm. After a community building game and announcements, High School Seniors lead small group discussions. Students are able to explore their faith, insecurities, and whatever is on their minds in a safe, peer-to-peer atmosphere. Students learn about themselves, about others, and about God. Then, once all the serious discussion is out of the way, it is time to eat something delicious and hang out. During the hang-out, students also sign up for monthly service opportunities that take place throughout the Tri-State area.



The high school and middle school youth groups set out on different mission trips every June. These trips are planned in the fall and discussed all year long during youth group. Students are engaged in local service projects throughout the year. They learn why service is so fundamental for the heart of someone following after Jesus. Then in June they experience service in a whole new context without the comforts of home. They serve and think about those they are serving. They wrestle with social injustice and learn more about empathy. Hopefully, as they go out into the world and take on leadership roles, they will lead in a way that is not just beneficial for the powerful but also for the powerless. These mission trips are not about being do-gooders who fix “those” people. Rather, these trips are meant to stir up empathy and a desire to right the wrongs of structural injustice while becoming friends with the people they serve.

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